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T7S Facts

We're all alright!

~1998 Working Titles for T7S:
"Feelin' All Right"
"The Kids Are Alright"
"Reeling in the Years"
"Teenage Wasteland"
*Note: All working titles came from '70s songs (titles/lyrics)
~They were not able to use any of the working titles because they could not get the rights to any of the '70s songs. They started referring to the series as "That '70s Show" and the name stuck.
~Premiered in the US on Sunday, August 28 1998 (FOX's fall season).
~"Be groovy... Be very groovy" was the promotional tagline.
~It was the only sitcom that survived the fall season  (1998-1999) on FOX.
~Point Place is a fictional suburb of Green Bay, Wisconsin.
~Fez stands for Foreign Exchange Student. The writers were undecided on a name for the foreign exchange student character and would abbreviate his name FES (Foreign Exchange Student).
~Fez's homeland is a mystery, even the writers don't know where he's from.
~A UK version of "T7S" called "Days Like These" was made in 1999- it bombed.
~There was controversy surrounding the implied pot smoking before the show even premiered.
~The 100th episode aired on April 30, 2002 and was a special musical show ("That '70s Musical" - 424).
~Syndication began on September 16, 2002.
~Mark Brazil, the show's producer, based the character Eric on himself.
~The year the show takes place was moved up from 1976 to 1977 in order to do a "Star Wars" episode. This occured in March of '99 (1st season).
~Doing a "Star Wars" themed episode was Topher Grace's idea. Topher is a huge "Star Wars" fan.
~The cast was featured in Cheap Trick's "That '70s Song" music video.
~The theme song is based on "In The Street" by Big Star (1972).
~The season 1 theme was performed by Todd Griffin.
~The theme song was redone by Cheap Trick for the 2nd season.
~Danny Masterson was the one who shouted "Hello Wisconsin!" at the end of season 1's theme song.
~Robin Zander from Cheap Trick says "Hello Wisconsin!" in the theme song (Season 2 ect.).
~The cast singing and rockin' out in the car during the opening credits was inspired by the "Bohemian Rhapsody" scene from "Wayne's World. "T7S" and "Wayne's World" were both produced by Bonnie and Terry Turner.
~2 soundtrack cds were released in 1999 ("Jammin'" and "Rockin'").
~The cast was featured in a KISS music video for "Rock 'n Roll All Nite", which was part of the syndication promotion. The making of the video special aired on VH1 September 30th and was later shown on  "T7S" syndication stations.
~During a flashback scene in "Class Picture" Fez supposedly says his mysterious name, but the sound of the school bell drowns him out. What Wilmer was actually saying (according to director David Trainer) was the 1st names of all the cast members.
~The car Eric drives is a 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser.
~"T7S" has been a hit for FOX since day 1.
~The Top 10 Episodes - "Viewers Choice":
10. "The Pill" (117)
9. "The Promise Ring" (325)
8. "A New Hope" (120)
7. "That Disco Episode" (107)
6. "Dine and Dash" (313)
5. "Garage Sale" (201)
4. "Water Tower" (121)
3. "Pilot" (101)
2. "Donna's Panties" (315)
1. "Eric's Hot Cousin" (414)
*Note: Fans voted in an online poll (at & for their favorite episodes. The results of the poll were revealed during "That '70s Special", which aired April 30, 2002.
~"Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die" (the Halloween episode from season 3) features parodies of Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window", "Vertigo", "The Birds", "North By Northwest" and "Psycho".
~"T7S" is filmed at CBS Studio Center in Studio City, California.
~All episode titles from the 5th season were named after Led Zeppelin songs.